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Blessings all...

Hello, my name is Michael Warner and in October 2006 back in Phoenix, Arizona I took the quantum leap and was released from the corporate world to start my own business YogiMichael(SP) teaching fitness and yoga state wide.  Instructing classes such as All Levels Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga Flow, Gentle and Restorative Yoga, not to mention, I am trained in Body Ball, Keiser Cycle, Pilates and Essential Oils usage.  Upon request, I also teach privates lessons at home, individual and group sessions as well as corporate wellness; please call for pricing and availability.


I am an Experienced (E-RYT, CYI), Insured and Qualified National Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher/Instructor registered through Yoga Alliance
.  It all started in 1999 when I was introduced to yoga by a good friend and met my first yoga teacher Irma Juneau (LOVE YOU IRMA), I was hooked from the start.  Then, in 2001 I started teaching in my spare time privately and at a local gym.  Gratefully, I studied with Jordan & Martin Kirk and Mary Bruce in Arizona from 2002 to 2008.  In addition, I am a trained Pilates Instructor from an ACE mentorship program with LA Fitness in 2007 and recurrent continuing educational training units from Pure Fitness in 2009.

Then, I completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program with Jordan & Martin Kirk from At One Yoga in late 2003.  I proceeded to receive additonal training with Mary Bruce (Mary is THE BEST) and her amazing Restorative Yoga intensive yoga training in April 2006 followed by the Level 2 Advanced Anusara training by the Kirks at Yoga Village in July 2006 to receive an official 200-hour Anusara Yoga Certificate (LIFE CHANGING, Miss you guys).

I recently have relocated to Seattle, Washington while still missing my AZ yogin.  To date I have been practicing for over 15 years now and teaching around 7,000 classroom hours for over 10 years while connecting with more than 17,000 glorious souls.  I AM BLESSED! 

I incorporate a rich blend of training, talent and expertise to my class offerings whether at a traditional yoga studio, college classroom, community recreation, doctor's office, private client's home, corporate setting and/or wellness/healing center.  My versatility is represented by the variety of classes I teach; all levels yoga, chair yoga, core yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, yoga flow, Pilates and meditation are just a few.  I also bring a strong core emphasis from my studies throughout my corporate gym guidance.  I combines my education in counseling and psychology with the knowledge I have gathered through years of practice and studies.  Whether you are a beginner or more seasoned yoga practitioner, my style of teaching will guide you towards a balance practice of optimal wellness for the mind, body and soul. 

Now, having been awakened in the diverse Yoga World I am continuing to search for my angelic and soul-bound teacher and guru to create something amazing in the state ranging from workshops to retreats and more; please let me know how we can connect...

Take Action and Create, Challenge, and Change your life through yoga and why not tap into your mind, body, and soul, compliment your current workout schedule or begin a innovative foundation to your week.


I look forward to seeing you in class!

Yours in Light, 

  I Will Guide & Assist You To: 

Improve endurance

Find motivation
Improve your appearance
Feel better
Improve your health
Gain confidence 
Tone your muscles
Improve mental alertness
Find Laughter
Reach your goals


Food for Thought:

Whether it is because there are many reasons to practice yoga, or that the many benefits hit home, it is quite clear, yoga is a powerful way to fuse the mind, body, and soul with one practice over any other exercise plan available.  If it is to find a healing path or not, yoga can be one’s new vision, new exercise regimen, or just a new bonus to one’s life and/or soul.  If the importance lies in the spiritual side or the physical side, yoga can lead the way to optimal health.  In fact, research abroad has provided examples, testimonials, and evidence that being introduced to yoga is a very, very good thing.  So, after understanding the history of yoga and seeing the many benefits, it is to no wonder this practice has become so popular in the US.

Yes, yoga is balance, peace, patience, a form of unity, and a form of healthy living.  But what is most crucial is that yoga paves the way to living a pain free, disease free, and terror free life, defining true harmony at its best.  One might look inside and ask, is yoga the way, is yoga part of the play and, is yoga here to stay?  Yes, it is!  People should take action, become yogis and yoginis, and not become left behind missing the bus of better life.  For yoga is not something one eats, or something one twists ridiculously into, again, yoga is a great way to embellish the three in one.  Visibly, without a doubt, people have the opportunity to open their eyes and see a new, long-lived harmonious healthy life that is within reach upon their horizon.


Warner, M. S. (2003).  Practice yoga verses traditional exercise, research paper conclusion.

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