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Food for Thought:

Whether it is because there are many reasons to practice yoga, or that the many benefits hit home, it is quite clear, yoga is a powerful way to fuse the mind, body, and soul with one practice over any other exercise plan available.  If it is to find a healing path or not, yoga can be one’s new vision, new exercise regimen, or just a new bonus to one’s life and/or soul.  If the importance lies in the spiritual side or the physical side, yoga can lead the way to optimal health.  In fact, research abroad has provided examples, testimonials, and evidence that being introduced to yoga is a very, very good thing.  So, after understanding the history of yoga and seeing the many benefits, it is to no wonder this practice has become so popular in the US.

Yes, yoga is balance, peace, patience, a form of unity, and a form of healthy living.  But what is most crucial is that yoga paves the way to living a pain free, disease free, and terror free life, defining true harmony at its best.  One might look inside and ask, is yoga the way, is yoga part of the play and, is yoga here to stay?  Yes, it is!  People should take action, become yogis and yoginis, and not become left behind missing the bus of better life.  For yoga is not something one eats, or something one twists ridiculously into, again, yoga is a great way to embellish the three in one.  Visibly, without a doubt, people have the opportunity to open their eyes and see a new, long-lived harmonious healthy life that is within reach upon their horizon.


Warner, M. S. (2003).  Practice yoga verses traditional exercise, research paper conclusion.

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